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Ege Journal of Medicine
2007, Cilt 46, Sayı 3, Sayfa(lar) 155-157
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A story of giving an effective presentation
Şahin H.
Ege Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Tıp Eğitimi Ana Bilim Dalı
Keywords: special study module (SSM), presentation skills, medical students

Introduction : Presentation skill is used such as an important criterion for students' assessment in special study modules (SSMs). In feedbacks, students stated that lacking of presentation skills is an important problem in SSMs practice. There are not any training programs in our undergraduate medical education curriculum about it. Therefore, a special study module, which is focused on, was prepared and performed firstly in our medical school. Information about the SSM practice presents in this case report.

Methods : The special study module was performed in 11-15 December 2006 and ten medical students from second class participated in. In the first day, theoretical lecture about presentation was given. Each students select own presentation subject and searched related materials for practice in second and third days. In other days, each student presented their presentations orally.

Results : Students' oral presentations showed that all students were very successful for selecting the subject, combining the material, synthesis the knowledge and designing the slide. All of them presented like a professional. End of the session oral feedback was given to each student by tutor and participants about presentation skills, timing and subject selecting. Students were benefit from lecture effectively for designing of their presentations.

Conclusion : Special study module practice and feedbacks showed that focused and compacted training like presentation skills should be included in early phase of undergraduate curriculum. Therefore, this module will be repeated again next year.

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