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Ege Journal of Medicine
2017, Cilt 56, Sayı 3, Sayfa(lar) 157-159
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Rice bodies at bilateral subacromial bursa
Orhan Akıncı
Torbalı State Hospital, Clinic of Orthopedics and Traumatology, İzmir, Turkey
Keywords: Rice bodies, shoulder, subacromial bursa

Rice bodies with synovial origin look like cartilagie and they are usually composed of fibrin. Tuberculosis, rheumatoid arthritis or other seronegative arthropathies may be the etiology. In this report, a 48-year-old women patient was presented with mild pain and swelling soft tissue masses in both shoulder measuring 7x7 cm. There was no history of trauma. Laboratory tests were normal. Exhaustive investigations for rheumatic disease were negative. Soft tissue masses was regarded as subacromial origin. Both masses were surgically removed and were found to include numerous rice bodies. The patient regained a full and painless range of motion in about 15 days. In the 2-year follow-up, she had neither complaints nor signs of rheumatological disease.

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