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Ege Journal of Medicine
2019, Cilt 58, Sayı 1, Sayfa(lar) 064-067
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Adrenocortical cancer: Single center experience
Burcu Çakar, Pınar Gürsoy
Ege Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi, Tülay Aktaş Onkoloji Hastanesi, İzmir, Türkiye
Keywords: Adrenocortical cancer, adrenal, mitotane

Aim: Adrenocortical cancer is a rare type of disease. Prognosis is poor despite cytotoxic chemotherapies. The primary treatment is surgery however postoperative disease relapse is common. The survival is poorer in patients who develop recurrence. Adjuvan treatment may be performed in patients carrying high risk. Cytotoxic chemotherapy is the only treatment option for inoperable and metastatic patients. In our study, we aimed to evaluate our patient outcome in this rarely seen cancer type.

Materials and Methods: We retrospectively reviewed medical records of patients with adrenocortical cancer admitted to Ege University Medical Oncology Clinic between 2010 and 2018. Patient demographics, treatment types for adjuvant and metastatic setting and survival data were collected.

Results: We identified 11 adrenocortical cancer patients. Median age was 44 (31-69). Three patients were metastatic at initial diagnosis. Five of 8 patients with nonmetastatic disease received adjuvant chemotherapy . The median overall survival (OS) was 30.2 months (%95 CI 7.9-52.4) in whole patient group. The median OS was found to be better in patients who presented with local disease than de novo metastatic setting (median OS 48.5 and 11.3 months respectively, p=0.02). The OS was 48.5 and 9 months respectively in patients who did and did not receive adjuvant treatment, however this finding was not found to be statistically significant.

Conclusion: Nonmetastatic adrenocortical tumor patients who received adjuvant chemotherapy was found to have a slightly favorable OS. However present findings may not enlighten the management of this disease without evaluating treatment efficacy of these patients on multicenter, prospective trial study results.

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