Detailed Arbitration Process

All studies submitted to the Aegean Medical Journal are evaluated blindly according to the stages specified below. Blind refereeing is a method used to objectively evaluate studies.
Aegean Medical Journal uses the "double blind" method in the evaluation process of all studies. In the double-blind method, the identities of the author and referee are hidden.

Initial Evaluation Process:
Studies sent to the Aegean Medical Journal are first evaluated by the editor-in-chief. At this stage, studies that do not comply with the purpose and scope of the journal, are weak in terms of language and expression rules in Turkish and English, contain scientifically critical errors, do not have original value and do not meet the publication policies are rejected.
Authors of rejected studies are informed within one month from the date of submission. Studies deemed appropriate are directed to a field editor for the field the study is related to for preliminary evaluation.

Preliminary Evaluation Process:
During the preliminary evaluation process, field editors examine the abstract, introduction, materials and methods, findings, discussion and conclusion sections of the studies in detail in terms of journal publication policies and scope, as well as originality. Studies that are deemed inappropriate as a result of this review are returned to the field editor with an evaluation report within three weeks at the latest. Studies that are deemed appropriate are taken into the referee appointment process.

Referee Appointment Process:
The field editor following the application may invite at least two referees from the referee pool of the journal or DergiPark, in accordance with the content and area of expertise of the study, or may suggest new referees suitable for the field of the study. Referee appointments for applications that have completed the preliminary evaluation process and are deemed appropriate are made within 15 days at the latest from the application date.

Referee Evaluation Process:
Referee evaluations of studies in general; It is based on originality, the method used, compliance with ethical rules, consistent presentation of findings and results and examination of the literature.
The period given to the referees who have been invited to respond is seven days. The referee who does not respond at the end of the period will be given a one-time reminder and a five-day extension. If there is no response at the end of this process, the referee invitation is canceled and an invitation is sent to another referee.
The period given to referees who agree to make an evaluation is 15 days. An additional period of 5 days is given only once.
Referees may review the corrections of a study and decide on its suitability, or may request corrections more than once if necessary.

Correction, Acceptance or Rejection Decision:
The field editor's decision regarding the study, based on the referee opinions and his own evaluation, is communicated to the author within 1 week at the latest.
Correction suggestions from referees or field editors must be completed by authors within twenty days. Writers are given an additional 5 days for a one-time basis.

Publication Evaluation Process:
It is anticipated that the publication evaluation process of studies submitted to the Aegean Medical Journal will be finalized within approximately 3 months. However, the period between the date the referees or editors requested corrections from the author and the date the author completed the corrections is not included in this 3-month period.

Aegean Medical Journal evaluation performance measurements (year 2023)                             Day
Article Submission - Withdrawal                                                                                                                          19
Article Submission - Return                                                                                                                                 134
Article Submission - First Editor Appointment                                                                                                    11
First Editor Appointment - Acceptance Decision Statistics (Referee evaluation available)                 117
First Editor Appointment - Rejection Decision Statistics (Peer-reviewed)                                                 96
First Editor Appointment - Rejection Decision Statistics (No peer review)                                                 35
Article Submission - Acceptance Decision Statistics (Referee review available)                                   125
Article Submission - Rejection Decision Statistics (Referee evaluation available)                                 107
Article Submission - Rejection Decision Statistics (No peer review)                                                            38

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