Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

Ege Journal of Medicine publishes papers conforming ethical and scientific standards. The ethical, scientific and legal responsibilities of the articles published in the journal belong to the author(s) and do not reflect the opinions of the editorial board members.

For all prospective studies including animal studies, Ethics Committee approval should be obtained and reported in the manuscript’s Materials and Methods section with its number and date. In case reports, according to ethical and legal rules, special attention is required to protect patient’s anonymity. Identifying information and photographs cannot be printed unless disclosure is allowed by a written consent of the patient (or his/her legal custodian). Case reports should include the statement: "Written informed consent was obtained from the patient (or from his/her legal custodian) for publishing the individual medical records." in the Materials and Methods section (for articles that do not have "Materials and Methods" section, at the end of the "Introduction" section). Any experiments involving animals must include a statement in the Materials and Methods section giving assurance that all animals have received humane care in compliance with the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals ( and indicating approval by the institutional ethical review board.

The Journal will not consider manuscripts any that have been published elsewhere, or are being considered for publication or are in press. Studies previously presented at congresses are accepted if this condition is stated. If any part of a manuscript by the same author(s) contains any information that was previously published, a reprint or a copy of the previous article should be submitted to the Editorial Office with an explanation in the Cover Letter by the authors.

The names of the persons, facilities or institutions who have contributed to the study but who do not meet authorship criteria may be stated in the Acknowledgements section.